Monday, February 26, 2007

Her First Outfit From Daddy

This is the first outfit that I bought for HG. I bought it and
gave it to Steph on her birthday last July. Steph was in HG's
room tonight and noticed it and let her put it on. It is
almost too small, but it is also too cute. Here is our little
super model showing off her attire!! Notice how she is holding her skirt. Professionally trained!
Hand on the hip! She's a natural.
The serious pose.

Mozart in the Making

We bought HG a piano for Christmas. Steph really wanted her to have
one. It's a good thing because she loves it!!! She likes showing off while she
plays it. I think I heard her playing some Mozart today.

Look at those fingers going to town!!
I am so proud of myself!!!
I will be having a concert in a few weeks!!

NaNa and Poppa

Steph's parents, Steve and Diane, came to visit HG today.
They went to McDonald's and had french fries and ketchup...
HG's favorite. She is going to call them NaNa and Poppa.

NaNa and HG reading Peter Cottontail.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Anything That's Fun

HG found something that she really liked! She always stands in the
refrigerator door when we open it. Today, I was making some toast
and I turned around and this is what she was doing.

Just a swangin'!!!


She was so proud of herself!!!

A Visit from Zoey

HG with her friend, Zoey! Zoey and HG are the same age.
HG is 20 days older than Zoey.
They are going to be great friends!!!

Zoey with her daddy!!

Our friends, Doug and Melody, came over Saturday night for a
visit. We had a great time! We are glad that we finally got to
spend some time with them and that HG and Zoey got to play.

I Love Clothes!!

These are some pics of HG in a bathing suit that Ana Claire
gave her. She loved it!! This little girl really loves clothes.
That really spells trouble for me in the future!!!

KayCee comes to visit

KayCee, my neice, came over to play with HG on Friday.
They had a great time!!!
HG is taking Mardi Gras beads off of KayCee's neck.

KayCee loves her new cousin!!

HG loves showing off her belly.

She also likes to show off while you are taking her picture!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Once a Princess, Always a Princess

It's amazing what a daddy will do for his little girl!!
Relaxing with my girls!!
I crown myself Queen of the Ragland Household!!!
Hannah Grace loves wearing her crown and being a Princess!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

A True Princess

This is an authentic PRINCESS!!!
Check out the earrings.
Aren't I BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!
HG was determined to put the earrings on by herself!
I am just too cute!!!


HG and Ana Claire put on a show for us!!! This is AC doing a cartwheel.
HG was having so much fun!!!

HG turning her first flip.
Two little monkeys. I have always called AC a little monkey.
Now we have two of them.

Hannah Grace's First Haircut

Let it snow!! It snowed on the day we got HG's first haircut.
Here's the proof. This is an Alabama Blizzard!!!!
HG getting her first haircut.

Notice that she has a sucker in her mouth.

This is how we got her to let them cut her hair.

She did really good. We were so proud!!

Hannah Grace and Kate

This is our good friends, Will and Brandy's daughter, Kate. We love Kate
(and Will and Brandy). She has been waiting a long time for HG to get here.
We are glad that her and HG can be such good friends and grow up together
at church and school.

A Night at the Reynolds' House

We went and visited with some of our best friends, Mike and Kimberly. We had a great time. HG really likes Mike. That kind of scares me. LOL! They gave HG some clothes. She loved them. Thanks Mike and Kimberly.

Mike, Cace and HG having fun!

Kimberly giving HG her presents. She loves presents

HG and Cace really played well together.

Friday, February 16, 2007

More Pictures

The photography experience went really well. We were not sure how she would react with strangers taking her picture.
The staff at Portrait Innovations were WONDERFUL!! They kept Hannah Grace laughing!

Sweet girl!

I know that Greg already posted some pictures today. I just had to add some more. I just can't resist! Please forgive me. I promise that I will not be whipping these pictures out every time you see me in public. Only once or twice! LOL!