Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Beautiful Day at the Park

HG and AC hangin' out at the park. They have so much fun together!
HG likes going up just as much as coming down!

HG loves to climb on things. I guess that
is why she is a little monkey!!

Yummy Gummy!!

Hannah grace and Ana Claire chewing their gum. This was a new
experience for HG. She really liked the gum!
She really likes showing it to you.
I want more!!! I just can't get it!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hunting Easter Eggs with NaNa

Mondays are special for Hannah Grace. She gets to go spend time with her NaNa. She loves to be outside, so NaNa taught her the art of Easter egg hunting. She had such a wonderful time! Now she wants to take the eggs everywhere we go!
Thank you, NaNa, for making Mondays so much fun for Hannah Grace!

Come on, NaNa!

Action shot! It looks like she is throwing the egg. Good thing that they are plastic!

Hmmmm. Where are the eggs?

Monday, March 19, 2007

Hangin' with AC

I put together a sand play table for AC.
The girls enjoyed the box more than the table!

They had so much fun together!!
AC came up with the idea to make the box into a slide!
Smart Girl!!!
HG loved sliding down the box.
She wasn't too crazy about being in the box!!

Hannah Grace and Ana Claire

We went to Clay's first baseball game. HG and AC
had a great time together!!

Such a silly little girl!!
Two little monkeys eating their noodles.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Mama and Grandaddy

HG went to Mama's and Grandaddy's on her birthday.
They had a great time!!!
Mama had a cake for her.
And she loved it!!!
She also loved the present. A Water Baby!!

Community Birthday

Our church, Community Baptist Church, gave HG a Birthday
Party Sunday night. Since it was the day before her birthday,
they celebrated it instead of giving us a baby shower.
It was so nice. Thank you everybody!!! Proud to be a Birthday Girl!
She did great in front of so many people.
Showing off her new clothes!
HG knows how to dig into the gift bags!!
She's a natural!

HG's Birthday Cake.
She loves fish!!!
The cupcakes were so good!!!
HG was trying to figure this out.
And she finally got it.
And when she did, she played with it for a long time!

Hannah Grace's Birthday Party

We had HG's first Birthday Party this Saturday. We invited our
families. HG had so much fun. She got so many gifts! She is really
spoiled now!
Blowing out the candles for the first time.
The cake was yummy!!
She loves to open presents!
She really liked this quilt that her NaNa made for her.
And you can see why! Roll Tide!!!
HG trying out her new Dora patio set.
There was one piece in the bottom of the box.
She was determined to get it.

She loves drawing on the MagnaDoodle.
There was only one problem. She didn't have anywhere to sit.
So she went and got her a chair.
Problem solved!!!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

We've Come A Long Way

When we first got HG, she absolutely hated taking a bath.
She loves it now. The only thing she doesn't like is
when she has to get out.

Silly girl!!!
She likes to help. She is working hard to get clothes out of the dryer.
She is such a BIG girl!!!

Nanny and Pop

We wnet to Nanny and Pop's house on Tuesday night. HG had a great time!
She played with them until she was worn out. She fell asleep pretty quickly on the
way home. HG and Pop playing ride the horsey!
She loves bouncing and jumping!
Nanny showed HG the drawers in the kitchen that she can
play in. HG kept going to the ones she wasn't supposed to.