Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fall Festival/ Halloween

Tons of pictures, since it has been way too long! :)
Happy Fall, Y'all!

Cotton pickin' picture.
The Girls' school went to Old Baker's Farm.
It was so much fun!
We loved picking cotton.

And pickin' pumpkins.

Greg and the Girls carving pumpkins.

Two BEAUTIFUL pumpkins!

The Princess and the Pumpkin

Modeling their Halloween dresses.
Thank you, NaNa! The Girls were so cute!

Playing golf at the Fall Festival

*Note: Yellow hairspray turns green in black hair.
SH was a bit disappointed, because she wanted to be blonde.
I explained that it takes many, many years and a great stylist to obtain the proper blonde color for your hair. Just a little tip that I have learned from experience. LOL!

One of our FAVORITE booths at the Fall Festival!
OH YEAH! They painted nails for 25 cents!
What a deal!!!!

Our second FAVORITE booth, Paints! Paints! Paints!
We love to show our artistic abilities!

SH and HG
as Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) and Cinderella.

Mama and the Girls
**Don't tell her I put this on the blog! I will be in BIG trouble!**



The Girls and Bro. Bo
We had sooo much fun trick or treating in his neighborhood!
The Girls love him and his family!
We are richly blessed to have such a wonderful Pastor!