Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A day with NaNa and PaPa

Oops! This one is out of order! Sorry! Getting a little carried away here!
After a busy day of planting beans, HG and PaPa decide to relax.

Planting a garden is hard work!

Bar-B-Que chips are a must!

Cuddle Time!

My parents have a farm. HG loves to go visit!

There was a field of clover that was just perfect for pictures.

No posing today! She was too busy playing!

Where is Hannah Grace?

Running through the clover.

Aunt Linda comes to visit!

We were so excited to see Aunt Linda!
She lives in Georgia, so we do not see her as often as we would like!
All of our family is special to us! Aunt Linda is extra special, though!
Linda is my mother's oldest sister. When my mother was sick, she needed a kidney transplant.
My aunt gave her a kidney. This allowed my mother to spend 11 more precious years with us!
We are eternally grateful for her sacrifice.
Another neat little detail... the day we received Hannah Grace in China was Linda's Birthday.
Amber, Linda's daughter, was married on the day Hannah Grace was born (March 5, 2005).
We were all together as a family that day! I will never forget how special it was!
Isn't it awesome how our lives are intertwined?!?!
Playing with Aunt Linda
Grandaddy and Hannah Grace

She loves her Grandaddy!

Little Mommy and Her Baby

Before Hannah Grace came home, Ana Claire always called her, "My Baby."
AC says that she is HG's "Little Mommy."
She really looks after Hannah Grace.
Hannah Grace loves Ana Claire! Every time we say something about AC, HG claps and laughs!
They have a lot of fun together!
HG and AC at the ballpark watching Clay's game.

Sitting Up!!!! Oh Happy Day!

After laying flat for 3 days, HG was able to sit up. We did it gradually.

The whole time she kept saying, "No! No!"

She thought she needed to stay flat.

She was a little dizzy at first, but she was determined!

We have one tough cookie!

One Surgery Down!

Hannah Grace had her first surgery on May 1st.
God has been so faithful to us! She did really well! She had to lay flat for 3 days and she didn't really try to get up. She was able to go home 3 days early from the hospital!
Praise the Lord for His goodness to us!
The Princess posing for her picture!
I promise... this is how she was laying on the couch! HG likes to have her hands behind her head when she is laying down.
She looks like a model! LOL!
Hannah Grace laying flat after her surgery.

Pretty Girls

Our Girls!
Hannah Grace, Allie, and Maggie

Here is our pretty girl!