Sunday, December 04, 2011

Princess Celebration Week

Our Princess is turning 7!

So, we have officially started the "Princess Celebration Week!"

Yes, it takes a week to celebrate a birthday in our home.

Princess in Sunday School
Where do you think a Princess would like to have her birthday?
A castle?
A tea party?
Can you believe it?!?!? It was her choice and THAT is where she wanted to go.
So, the Princess had a party at Zaxby's!
Hate I did not get a picture of her eating wings!

I forgot to share what type of party she wanted.
When I asked, her immediate response was: "A Roll Tide Birthday!"
I questioned her repeatedly to make absolutely sure that she wanted this party.
And yes, it would not do to have anything but a University of Alabama birthday party...
at Zaxby's.
(Personally, I don't get it, but it is not my party. LOL!)


NaNa made a Christmas Princess dress.

The Princess wants to wear it everywhere!

NaNa made Alabama aprons for the girls and gave them each a mixer.

She also made Wild Man a John Deer apron.

Good for the kitchen and garage! :)

PaPa and the Princess

NaNa and the Princess

Lil Mama and NaNa

*Lil Mama does not wear glasses. She borrowed NaNa's.*

December 4th- Zippy and Zoe

Zippy and Zoe were so nice to hang our stockings!

However, they used Greg's tools and left the flashlight on!

Wild Man was NOT happy about this at all!

He was so mad at the elves!

He picked up all of Greg's tools and fussed at the elves the entire time.

It was like a "Little Greg." TOO FUNNY!

Zoe hanging the Princess' stocking

Zippy fell in Wild Man's stocking!

Christmas Visitors :)

The Elves are here!!

Zippy and Zoe have come to visit our home!

We (adults included) are truly enjoying the fun!

Dec. 2nd

The Blessings awoke to find a mess in the living room!

Lil' Mama was tickled and concerned at the same time! LOL!

So, she decided to clean it all up!

Dec. 3rd
The Blessings were shocked at how the elves had acted!
OH! The cardboard boxes are from our NEW washer and dryer!
The Blessings are playing with them, the elves did not bring the boxes in.


I think the tree looked better covered in toilet paper!