Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Our Last Day in Guangzhou

These are our friends. Susan is the one beside me. We sat and talked
several times. She is a Christian. We had so much to talk about!
Susan and the owner of the shop! They were so much fun!!!
We are going to miss them!!!

All Girl!!

Rubbing lotion on her hands. She loves lotion.
Still rubbing!!!
Silly girl!
This picture is turned the right way. What an incredible smile!!!

At the Park

The Ragland Family at the Park. It was so beautiful!!!
Hannah Grace loved the waterfalls!
She is 100% girl. We call her Prissy Pot!
As I said earlier, this park was beautiful!

I'm a BIG Girl Now!!!

HG is already growing up. Look at her trying to push her stroller!
Look at me!!! Ain't I cute!!!
She wanted to sit on the couch all by herself!
And she really enjoyed it. She has come a long way in a short time!

The White Swann

The Happiest Family in China!!!
This is the lobby of The White Swann Hotel...Beautiful!!!
Mommy's kisses are just too good!

Hannah Grace and Pop

Here is one proud Pop!!!
I am sure that he will do his part in spoiling this little girl!
All smiles!

Miss Priss

HG in her new dress. She loves new clothes!!
HG is pretty good at blowing her nose! YUCK!
Two beautiful girls!!!!
Pulling up her dress to show off her new stockings.
Don't do that in front of the boys! LOL!!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Few More Pictures

HG in her new black dress at the pearl and jade market.
Isn't she lovely??
Giggling after I threw the panda bear at her. She loves that!!!
Getting ready to throw it back!
I just had to throw one in to show you that she does have her moments!!!


What a ride!!! HG loves for the wind to blow in her face!
Notice the hair. She just laughed and laughed!!!
HG was very entertaining. She would stick her head out the window and say
bye bye and wave her little hand at people.
She better enjoy this while she can. I wonder what she will think
about a car seat! None of those in China. I don't really like that.

Time with Daddy!!!

HG with daddy while mommy took a much needed nap.
HG probably needed one too. But who's complaining???

I took a bottle and filled it with coins and we put them

in and dumped them out about fifty times!
It may not sound that fun to you, but to was awesome!!!

First Photos

I know that you are wondering...what is this??? These are HG's first photos.
Today, she got the camera and turned it on and started taking pictures.
She took about ten. I just wanted to show you a little bit of her work.

I think she may have a future in photography!!

Good Times!!!

HG on the computer. I can't wait to get home so she can play on the old one.
She really likes beating on the keys. She loves the computer.
She asked me how many megabytes of memory did it have.
She was talking in Chinese, but I am pretty sure that is what she said. LOL!

I love this little girl. Isn't she just precious!!! Please don't spoil her when we get home.

Leave that to me!!! haha

Daddy and his little princess!!!



HG eating yogurt. It is one of her favorite things to eat at breakfast. She likes sucking it through a straw!
Pop talking to HG. She just smiles whenever he talks to her. I hope they will be really close. I love my dad very much and I want him to have a wonderful relationship with my children!

NOODLES!!! Enough said! She loves them!

Grabbing for the camera! She also likes to show off while you are taking her picture!!

One of the Best Days of My Life!!

The last two days have been absolutely wonderful!! I cannot believe how far along HG has come. She is so wonderful. I want to thank each of you for keeping up with us during this incredible journey! And incredible it has been!!! HG was great yesterday. Last night was so special because she wouldn't go to bed without both, Steph and me, in the bed with her. That was really sweet. She has really started to warm up to me the last two days. Steph brought something up tonight that made a lot of sense. Sunday was the worst day for me. I couldn't even look at HG. I couldn't touch her. Oh, the pain. I was just down and out. If you noticed, I didn't even post that night. Deep down inside, I knew that it would come. I just didn't know when. I wanted to hold my little girl. I had already held her, but it was out of desperation. She wanted me to hold her because I was rescuing her from the bath tub. That was fine with me...I just wanted to be close to her. That night, Steph got a little sick and I was just really down, so I went out on the town alone. I decided that I was going to go shopping for HG. I went to some stores and picked out a couple of outfits and a pair of shoes. It was so much fun. Actually picking out something for my daughter. It gave me the best feeling in the world. Although she wouldn't have much to do with me, I felt close to her by doing something for her. If you saw the post, the pink outfit was the one that I bought her. She had a fit over the clothes when I walked in the room. She just grinned ear to ear. We then put her shoes on. They were squeaky shoes. If you don't know what those are, they squeak when they walk. She put them on and was just thrilled to death. We went to my parents room. Steph left and took HG back to the room. She took her shoes off and HG fussed. She crawled off of the bed, went and got the shoes and put them back on. When Steph told me that, it made me feel so good. The next morning, she played with me. She let me hold her 2 or 3 times for the first time in a day. It was so wonderful. And then there was today. WOW!!! One of the best days of my life. I get so emotional just thinking about it. My little girl would reach out and cry for her daddy. That melts my heart!! And she did it so many time today. She wanted to sit in my lap in the taxi and wnated me to hold her many times today. The best part was when Steph took a nap...a much needed nap. Usually she only naps when HG naps. HG will not let her, otherwise. Today, Steph laid down and went to sleep. HG came to me and got in my lap and we played on the computer. We then took a walk down the hall. This was the first time that she has ever been out of her mommy's sight for more than 30 seconds. Steph slept for about an hour and HG's daddy had the time of his life. (tears!) Words cannot even explain. I am going to post some pictures of our day. Praise the Lord! Also, thanks to my wonderful wife. Steph has been such a wonderful mommy and wife through this fun and difficult time. She has done everything that she could do to help HG try and bond with me. She loves me very much and I love her the same. But she was right, when I walked in with the stuff for HG, it was like she knew right then that her daddy was going to take care of her. God is good!!!

Monday, January 29, 2007


Waking up after a nap. She sweats like crazy when she is
sleeping. She seems to be very hot her daddy!!

Have you ever see a princess up close???
Well, here you go!!!
I love this laugh!!!
HG showing off her bracelet that one of the ladies in one of the shops gave her.
HG putting her bracelet on. She lves the bling bling!!!