Thursday, July 31, 2008

China Week

This week the Travel Channel is doing a special called "China Week."
We have all enjoyed watching the specials on travel and food.
To be very honest, China is my most favorite place in the world. I would pack up everything and move there today (if Greg would let me,lol).
But, there was something I noticed about HG watching the shows. She was completely glued to the TV. She did not move (which is almost unheard of). She focused all her attention on the shows.
With each new scene she would say, "OH Mommy, I want to go there! Next time, we go there! Can we go right now?"
It was precious to see her enjoy her homeland, but also a big eye opener for me. We desire HG to LOVE the Chinese culture! We are proud of her heritage. But, this has made me realize that we are not doing enough to surround her with Chinese influences. If anyone has any ideas of things we can do, please leave us a comment. Thanks in advance!

Wednesday night, HG and I were waiting on Greg to finish up at church. We decided to take some fun and silly pictures. So, that is what follows!

I often call HG my "Bundle of Joy." That perfectly describes her! She is full of joy and has brought so much to our family!

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Re-Adoption Day

We had the hearing for HG's re-Adoption.

We had such a great time! Judge Fuhrmeister presided over the hearing. He was extremely patient with HG running around and talking into the microphone.

He shared with us that he had been adopted. And that the adoption hearings were special to him. I am so grateful that he shared this day with us!

Some of you have asked about Sarah Hope's adoption. Things are moving along rather slowly. We are currently awaiting our INS appt. We know that there is a reason for every silly delay. I don't like it. I am ready for our girl to be home!

Nevertheless... God has a purpose and a plan. His ways are higher than mine. He sees the BIG picture. I am too focused on little things that are not as important.

Sometimes the wait is absolutely unbearable. We have been blessed with a contact in China that has helped us obtain pictures and information on Sarah Hope. These small tidbits have been like a stream in the desert. (I know other adoptive families know what I am talking about!) I cannot share the pictures on the blog because of some restrictions. But I can share a little bit of the info.

SH and HG seem to have similar personalities (active and outgoing). She is healthy. SH makes friends easily and plays well with others. They stated that she knows she is being adopted and "is very happy." (This brought joy and tears at the same time!) They have let her hair grow and she is even more beautiful than before. She appears to be well taken care of (smiling in all of the pics). Her smile is AMAZING!

We will keep everyone updated as things move along. Just keep praying for our girl!

Monday, July 21, 2008


Ainsley, Aunt Cheryl, and HG
We received some WONDERFUL news!
Ben and Cheryl are having a BABY!!!
We are all so THRILLED!
HG calls my brother "Ol' Ben." When we told her the news, she said," We goin' have a itty, bitty Ol' Ben!"
We cannot wait for this precious child!!
Cheryl, I am always available for babysitting!

Greg's Ordination Service

Sunday, Greg was ordained as a Minister.
It was such a beautiful service! I cried through most of it. Not because it was sad. I am just in awe of all the LORD has done for us. HE has brought us so far!
I am so blessed to have Greg for a husband! He is always so positive and full of joy!
I am so grateful that he has a heart for God! I know that the LORD has a special calling on his life. I just pray that I can be the helpmate that he needs in this journey.

Reception Pictures
(And this cake was REALLY YUMMY!)

Our Family
Bro. Tommy and Greg

Bro. Tommy was Greg's Pastor when he was attending Auburn University. He made a dynamic impact on Greg's life. Bro. Tommy came all the way from Louisiana to preach Greg's ordination service. We were so grateful for our time with him.

Greg and Bro. Bo (our Pastor)

Ray and Greg

Ray and Greg have been best friends since they were 5 years old. Ray is a deacon at our church. We are so blessed to Ray and Miki (his wife) at CBC.

Beach Trip

I just love this picture!
HG's First Beach Trip

She really didn't know what to think at first.

She was a little nervous at first, but soon realized that this was going to be lots of fun!

Working on her "H" in the sand.

Though she is on the other side of the world, she is ALWAYS in our hearts and on our minds. We miss you, Sarah Hope! We are ready for you to be here with us!

HG, Mary Ashton, and Reece

HG's favorite thing about the beach?

Mary Ashton and Reece!

They all had so much fun together!

Riding the Ferris Wheel for the first time!

Friday, July 11, 2008


HG and Dr. Saito

Let me just say that our family LOVES Dr. Saito!

She is an incredible surgeon and a wonderful person! We have been so blessed to have her care for HG. I know that some of HG's conditions would not have been diagnosed if it were not for Dr. Saito. She has been so diligent and genuinely concerned about our baby.

Unfortunately, Dr. Saito is moving to St. Louis. I am having a VERY difficult time with this. I have even checked to see if our insurance will cover medical care in St. Louis. Yes, I am having a difficult time with this.

But on a happier note, HG has healed well after her last surgery! She is gaining weight (PRAISE THE LORD!). Her appetite has GREATLY increased!

We are so grateful!