Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pop's Birthday

Celebrating Pop's Birthday!
They loved the sombrero, so they each had to try it on!

Week of Doctor Appointments

Daddy and Charlie
This week has been so crazy!
All the kiddos have been sick and we have visited too many doctors!

Silly faces

Friday, January 21, 2011

It was only a matter of time...

before the Girls put Charlie in a baby stroller.
I thought it would of happened before tonight.
They are strolling him around the house, feeding him, giving him juice, and then they all 3 break out the play guns and start shooting.
Something is really wrong with this.

Happy 4th Gotcha Day, HG!!!

4 Years ago today...
the "Rising Sun" was placed in our arms.
She has added more sunshine to our lives everyday since!
This picture does not need to be rotated.
I was laying down and holding her in the air.
Such a beautiful smile!
My bundle of JOY!

someone attacked the pretty Gotcha Day cake before the picture.
HG really loves frosting! :)

Happy Gotcha Day, my sweet SUNSHINE!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Our Sunday

We had a wonderful Sunday at church today!
Charlie stayed in his class for 20 minutes without me.
Last Sunday, he lasted 10 minutes.
He is progressing well, but we don't want to push him.
He has had so many changes in the last few weeks.

The Girls are making adjustments.
A little bit of jealousy has surfaced, but that is totally normal. Their "Little Mama" instincts have kicked in. Sometimes they have to be reminded that Charlie has a "Big Mama," too. :)
I think this picture sums up Charlie's attitude about things.
He has come into this family with his arms and heart wide open.
He has embraced all of us.
He is absolutely amazing!!!

Silly Picture

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas with NaNa and PaPa

Something happened to the Auburn ornament on my parent's Christmas tree!
My Mom loved Auburn!
We were all Auburn fans at some point. She had a way of convincing us.;)
She passed away when I was 18.
Then the Lord blessed our family with my second Mother (aka NaNa).
She says she adopted me! :)
Well, NaNa is an Alabama fan.
As many of you know, Greg and the Girls are... well... let's just say they are completely committed to the University of Alabama.
In fact, the first phrase Charlie learned was, "Roll Tide!"
NaNa still puts the Auburn ornaments on the Christmas tree out of respect for my mom and PaPa.
Well, my Girls do not like it!
While we were in China, SH hid behind the Christmas tree and pealed the Auburn logo off the ornament.
Yep. That's my daughter.
Do you know how proud Greg is right now?
He is BEAMING with PRIDE and JOY!

Charlie in overalls.
The Girls decorating Jesus' Birthday cake.

Trey helping by eating the icing :)

SH is so proud of their creation!

HG and Mommy

Charlie and PaPa in matching overalls.

Charlie on his new bike!

One cute Big Al!

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Jet Lag :)

I always make New Year's Resolutions.
One of my resolutions this year is to be more positive.
Focus on the positives rather than the negatives.
So, here it goes...
The Many Benefits of Jet Lag
*There are NO lines at the Wal-Mart register at 4:00 AM.
*The Matchbox Car Parking Garage is so much more fun than I remembered!
*1 AM is the perfect time to do laundry!
*Bacon tastes much better at 2:30 AM!
*Little Bear is on Noggin at 2 AM - 3 AM!!
*Listening to Ji Ji sing a song with all the English words he knows (his own composition, of course).
*I organized my calendar!
And my personal favorite benefit of Jet Lag:
**Lots of hugs and kisses from the most beautiful boy in the world!!**

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Our Chinese Super Hero

Charlie and I surprised the rest of the family with dress-up costumes.
He had so much fun!
He chased the Girls around the house.
The Girls played along by screaming and trying to hide.

Our version of Captain America

The Incredible Hulk


Thrilled does not describe how we feel right now!

We are so excited to be home with our family!

Charlie adores his sisters! It is like they have always been together.

He listens to them and shares his toys.

HG has already turned a backpack into a diaper bag. It is packed with toys, snacks, and a bottle.

I told Charlie on the plane that soon he would have more than one Mama. I said,"Remember this moment, because your life is going to change. You'll have 2 Lil' Mamas!"

He said, "OK." Like he understood what I was saying. LOL!

I want to thank NaNa and PaPa for taking care of the girls while we were gone. I also appreciate my mother cleaning my house, making homemade soup and vegetables, and taking ALL my dirty laundry home with her. Y'all are such a blessing to us!
I am also grateful for Aunt Kelly keeping our blog updated while we were in China. I e-mailed her the pics and posts. Most of the time I had issues with the computer, but she worked so hard to keep everyone updated!
Aunt Lyn, thanks for getting Skype so I could talk to our family on Christmas Eve. It was so good to hear every one's voices! OH! And Charlie thanks you for the blue sucker at the airport! :)
Santa came to visit our family last night.
So, the following pictures are of the kiddos enjoying the presents.

Charlie playing with HG's Easy Bake oven.
Notice the packed stocking!
BIG stockings thanks to NaNa!

Charlie opening his first present at home!
Thanks Aunt Kathy for the football!

Who can resist a Tutu?
The Girls received tutus in their stockings.
They were so thrilled that Charlie had to try one on.
He has been running through the house wearing a tutu, shooting nerf guns, and saying,"Ho um up!"

SH dancing

HG and SH dancing

Beautiful Girls!

He loves chocolate!
Unfortunately, he really likes Yo Gabba Gabba.
I had hoped to outlaw that program in our home.
It is the only thing that will keep him still for 30 minutes!

Red Couch Picture

Most adoptive families take a picture of their child on the Red Couch. It is a tradition.
I tried to get this picture multiple times, but our Little Man was too busy.
He was so sweet to pose for me!
A Jade Pagota
This was only one of the tremendous Jade statues at the Hotel.

Safari Park