Friday, November 23, 2007

Our Mess

Greg and I were checking our e-mails and blogs this evening.
When we looked up from the computer, we found a little mess.
The little mess is Hannah Grace.
The BIG mess was all of the toys she managed to throw in the floor!
How can you be upset when this little face is looking at you?!?!?!?

We are THANKFUL!!!!

Our home has been richly blessed!
Everyday I am amazed at God's faithfulness and unconditional love for us!
We have so much for which to be thankful!
The Lord has blessed us IMMEASURABLY with Hannah Grace! She is such a joy and delight!
I think she summed it up perfectly in her prayer at Thanksgiving dinner,
"Thank you God for food...
for God...
for family...
and my church.
Thank You, Lord, for providing for our needs and even some of our "wants."
Thank you for YOU!!! For your incredible FAITHFULNESS and AMAZING LOVE!
Thank you for our family. For those who are related to us and those who are so supportive and loving that we adopt them as family (because "friend" is just not a good enough word for them)!
And thank you so much for our church! Our church truly demonstrates the character of Christ! Every time we walk in the doors, we feel the love of Christ!
We are blessed to be a part of Community Baptist!

Friday, November 16, 2007


I am very thankful to announce that our prayers have been answered!!!
Sandi and Hannah will be coming home Saturday from China!
Thank you for all of your prayers!
Please remember the Sheldons in the following months!
We serve such an AWESOME GOD!
He is totally in control when our lives seem to be spiraling into chaos!
I am so thankful for HIS faithfulness!!!

Hide and Seek

HG was hiding the other night. She always hid in the same
place, but she made sure here mommy and daddy had
their eyes closed.

HG dressed herself in her gymnastic tights.

This is her modeling her attire.

One more pose!!!

The Bama Room

After much hard work, the Bama room is finally complete!!!
These are two recliners that we bought about two years ago.
We are finally putting them to use.

Our new leather couch. This was my birthday present from

Steph and Hannah Grace. The rocking chairs were gifts for Nana and PaPa.


Walking into the room. I am so excited that this room is finally finished!!!

Walking down the steps to the Bama room. None of this

was finished when we moved into the house.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


I have a dear friend in China that desperately needs our prayers!!
Her name is Sandi Sheldon.
She and her husband traveled to China to adopt their daughter Hannah.
Dennis has suffered with Diabetes for quite a while.
After arriving to China, his blood sugars elevated significantly. They could not control his sugar. He went into a diabetic coma and passed away in China.
Sandi and Hannah are attempting to come home. However, since Dennis passed away this changes all the documents needed to get Hannah into the U.S.
Sandi has spoken with her Congressman and other Representatives.
This is the first time this sort of thing has happened.
Please pray that the paperwork is completed quickly.
Please pray for Sandi to have strength, wisdom, PEACE, and comfort during this traumatic time.
Please pray that Hannah and Sandi can come home soon!
Thank you!
The link to their website is:
The password is: Hannah

Friday, November 02, 2007


Hannah Grace is enjoying gymnastics.
We still have our weekly meltdown upon arriving to class.
We are so thankful to have Lisa teaching her!
She really puts HG at ease!
Thank you, Lisa!
"TA DA!"

Balance Beam


Getting ready to trick or treat!
HG did not know what to expect.
But she caught on quickly!
This girl loves the candy!
Daddy and his girl

An Auburn Tiger and Alabama Elephant playing together!

Resting at Trunk -R- Treat at our church.

Guess whose trunk this is?!?!?!

Pumpkin Carving!!

We all had such a wonderful time carving the pumpkins!
I was amazed at how HG loved getting messy!
We were all (including Maggie Mae and Allie Bug) covered in pumpkin before it was over!!!
I know this will be a great tradition in our home for many years!
A child can add so much JOY to your life!
I am richly blessed!!!!

"I help! I do it myself!"

HG loved helping clean the pumpkins!
She enjoyed throwing the pumpkin guts around the kitchen, too!

In the middle of a pumpkin fight!

Having sooooo much fun!

Our Pumpkins

What will Hannah Grace be for Halloween?

A cute ladybug?

A puppy dog?

A Roll Tide Elephant!

Yes, this is what my child chose to be.
I begged (pleaded repeatedly) for her to be a princess or Dora.
But, her mind was set on not just an elephant, but "Roll Tide Elephant."
She is definitely Greg's daughter!!!!