Wednesday, December 26, 2007

****Special Announcement****

We are excited to announce that Hannah Grace has a sister!
I cannot post any pictures of our (newest) Princess at this time.
As soon as it is ok with China, I will share her with you!
Her name is Sarah Hope.
HG is very excited!
She calls her, "Baby Bear."
Please pray for Sarah Hope!

WHOA MAMA!!!!!!!!!!

Whoa Mama!
That is what we say when something blows us away!
The last 2 days have been WHOA MAMA days!
We have visited with family and friends!
It has been a lot of fun!
HG really enjoyed the presents!
When asked what she received from Santa she said, "Food."
She did get some chocolate in her stocking.
I guess that was the most important gift to her! LOL!

Hannah Gracie Montana
HG's cousin received 2 Hannah Montana wigs.
She gave HG one of them.
I cannot believe she wore it!
But, she loved the long hair!

She cannot wait to get this out of the box!
This is a Dora dance pad, costume, DVD, and maracas.
I have to admit that I am excited about this gift, too. LOL!

Opening Presents
I think she liked tearing the paper more than the presents!
She had just thrown some paper when the picture was taken.

Pop and HG playing with the babies.

Hannah Grace and Conner having a Tea Party.
Thank you, Aunt Ginger, for giving them real, sweet tea.
HG is still wide open at midnight.
"But, it is Christmas..."

Birthday Party for Jesus

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

My Sweet Family

Greg and Hannah Grace
Aren't they just wonderful?!?!!
I am so blessed!
Greg and Hannah Grace were so sweet to pose for me on Sunday morning.
I also want everyone to see that Greg is much smaller.
He has lost 55 pounds!
I am so proud of him! He has worked really hard!

Shelby FCC "Girls Night Out"

Hannah Grace, Ana Claire, Mackenzie, Olivia, Aimee, and Anna Kate
The Shelby FCC met for "Girls Night Out."
We all had a wonderful time!
HG loved playing with all the girls!
She cried for a hour after we left, because she wanted to play with her friends.
Mackenzie and HG

Hannah Grace, Ana Claire, and Aimee

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas Time!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our Blessing!

It is hard to believe that this time last year we were waiting on her!
It brings us such joy to watch her amazement at the lights, carols, and presents.
However, the one thing that stands out as most special is her song.
We have Steven Curtis Chapman's CD, "All I really Want for Christmas."
Everyday, HG says,"I want MY SONG."
At first, I didn't know what she meant.
She goes to the CD player and pushes play. The first recording is Shaohannah Chapman reading Luke 2 : 7 - 14.
HG will stop the CD when the second track comes on.
This is "HER SONG!"
That is my song, too.
How perfect it is to remember the song God sang over us!
That He loved us so much to send His only begotten Son to Earth
for Hannah Grace...
for me...
for you.
I hope you all have a very, Merry Christmas!

This is definitely one of my favorites!!!
We bought this outfit in Guizhou (HG's Province).
Guizhou is known for their embroidery and batiks.
Both are found on this outfit.
I love her in the Madarin clothing!

***The following pictures are very funny!***

What can I get into?

Just taking it easy!

What is Hannah Grace thinking in this picture?
I cannot help but laugh!!!