Sunday, December 17, 2006

Sweet Ana Claire

We have been richly blessed to meet some wonderful people through this adoption! The Young family has become such a big part of our lives! They have been a great encouragement to us!
Any time we have "Hannah Grace moments" they open their home and hearts to us! I know that the Lord has brought our families together!
Ana Claire was adopted about 2 years ago from China. She is so cute! She says that Hannah Grace is her baby! She often asks when we are going to get her "baby."
I could never put into words what Tom, Lisa, Josh, Clay, and Ana Claire mean to us! I am so thankful for them! They have brought so much joy into our lives! Thank you, Young family, for putting up with us! :)
Ana Claire giving Greg a shot! :)

I Love Christmas!

I hope everyone can see the lights on the house! Greg worked so very hard on them! I believe he did a wonderful job!
I absolutely love Christmas! I so enjoy the lights, decorating, shopping, and spending time with friends and family.
However, today I have spent time focusing on the true meaning of Christmas. It is all about our Heavenly Father's love for us! It amazes me that He loves us so much to send His son to the earth to bring us HOPE, FORGIVENESS, and LOVE. How awesome is our Lord!
I have also thought about how I have spent so much time and energy consumed by things that are totally out of my control. All that really matters is keeping my focus on Him.
When my eyes and heart are set on Him, I will not be easily distracted by the things around me.


I just had to post a picture for these precious boots!!! My sweet friend Jennie Carter gave these to me today for Hannah Grace! I absolutely adore them!
I can just see her dancing around the house in these way too cute boots!
Thank you so much, Jennie!