Saturday, April 28, 2007

I Love Grandmama and Grandaddy

She love her grandaddy.
Especially when he gives her chocolate!
HG and Grandmama

Our House Is Full of Joy

I just can't quite get it open! So I'll just kick back and relax!
Just Kidding!
HG wanted to wear my belt. I put it on her.
I had to wrap it around twice...and it was still too big.
I love to laugh and have a good time!!!

A Busy Little Girl

HG reading her Dora book.
Dora is her favorite!
She also loves stickers.
That is so funny!

This Girl is a Mess!

Cream cheese...It is supposed to be on the bagel.
HG with Kelsey. We visited our friends in Auburn.
We had a blast. HG loved the Rogers.
HG wearing Daddy's shirt.
HG loves puzzles. She is pretty good at them.
She seemsto be pretty serious about her coloring!

Our Cutie Pie

HG wearing Mommy's shoes.
She like the hula hoop.
Sleeping with Daddy.
She loves wearing our shoes. She did pretty
good in Mommy's high heals.

Our First Easter with Hannah Grace

HG's Easter basket was outside onthe porch.
When she noticed it, she started pointing to it
and got really excited.

Her fishing pole. She loves fish!!

HG loves Dora!!!
And Bubbles!!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Lunch with Michelle

Michelle and HG
Michelle is very special to our family.
She is the China Program Coordinator for Villa Hope (the adoption agency we used).
Michelle was sooooooooo wonderful to us through the difficult adoption process!!
She endured frequent e-mails and multiple calls from me.
We frequently joked that I was stalking her (she may not have been joking).
Michelle's diligent work resulted in updated pictures while we waited, placing us with the ultimate guide (Thomas), and bringing HG home to her forever family!
We cannot thank her enough!
She took our adoption journey to heart.
We are richly blessed to have Michelle as a friend!
We all love you, Michelle!
(By the way, I showed HG your picture and she said your name!)
Pretty girl

HG loves to slide!

Playing at the park is sooo much fun!!!!!!

Mama's Birthday (cont.)

Mama and Grandaddy
They were just being silly!
They are such a beautiful couple! They will be married 63 years on June 12th!
They are still very much in love!
Definitely an inspiration to their children and grandchildren!
Little Lady

Aunt Lyn and HG

Jackson and Garrett

Mama's Birthday

My grandmother (we call her Mama) and Garrett. Mama is such a blessing! We are all so thankful to have her in our lives! She celebrated her 83rd Birthday on April 1st. We all got together to celebrate yesterday. It was so wonderful to have everyone together!
Mama, we love you so much! Thank you for all you do!
(She probably would not like this picture. She doesn't like pictures of herself. So, don't tell her I put one on here! LOL!)
Climbing the fence (with assistance).

I'm flying!

HG really liked Greg "flying" her over the air conditioning system.

I took a lot of pictures, but most are turned the wrong way. I'll have to post more of our celebration (after I figure out how to flip the pics).

WHOA! Aunt Lyn has her hands FULL!!!!

Hannah Grace really had a great time! She played with her cousins and even let her aunts and uncles hold her. She is really warming up to everyone! Of course her aunts and uncles would take her WHEREVER she wanted to go! I think she is training all the adults in our family!

Partying can be sooooooo stressful!

This is Andy. He was making some funny faces, so I had to take a picture!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Too Cute!!

I put HG's shorts on her head the other night and
she thought it was so funny. I had to put these pictures
on here because they were just too cute!!

I Love Jewelry

HG loves modeling her jewelry!!
She is definitely ALL Girl!!
Show off!!