Thursday, August 06, 2009


These pics were taken on different days with different boxes.
HG and SH really enjoy playing with boxes.
I remember reading a book (as a child) about a young girl who had a refrigerator box.
She made it into a castle, a fort, tea party, etc. One of her friends tried to sabotage her precious box. But, each time she found another imaginative theme for the box.
I wish I knew the name of that book. Any ideas?
I think the girls would enjoy the story.
And, if you have any boxes that you need to discard... just call us!

Helping Daddy

Greg starts back to school next week.
The girls and I went to help him with his classroom.
We were able to get a lot accomplished.

Picture Day :)

SH's bangs have grown and NOW we have professional pictures!
The Girls were so wonderful today!
I know there are a lot of photos, but I just could not stop!



I loved this one! They were laughing and so sweet!

Silly Girls

This was SH's first photo session. She loved being in front of the camera.
After pics, we went to Stix.
Another first for our girl!
She liked the food being cooked in front of her, but not the fire. She jumped and ran behind Greg.
Her favorite part of the meal was the chef. She flirted with him throughout the meal and it continued when he was at another table.
Oh my!