Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hunting Easter Eggs with NaNa

Mondays are special for Hannah Grace. She gets to go spend time with her NaNa. She loves to be outside, so NaNa taught her the art of Easter egg hunting. She had such a wonderful time! Now she wants to take the eggs everywhere we go!
Thank you, NaNa, for making Mondays so much fun for Hannah Grace!

Come on, NaNa!

Action shot! It looks like she is throwing the egg. Good thing that they are plastic!

Hmmmm. Where are the eggs?


Kristy said...

That last picture is priceless!
(actually, they all are!)

Walker said...

Go get em' Hannah Grace!! Looks like fun!

Thanks Steph for your friendship, prayers and support! You and Greg are blessings to us and we are so thankful we found each other. God knew we would need encouragement from someone who's been there! We love you too!
Keisha ;0)