Friday, May 16, 2008


Wednesday we had sooooooo much fun!!!

We went to the zoo and met some friends!

Connie and Laine - It was great to meet y'all! I cannot wait for us to get together again!

Lisa - It is ALWAYS FUN hanging out with you and AC!

The Gang (minus HG- she was being a little shy at first)
This picture is for Ol' Ben! ;)

OH! Look at the monkey! LOL!
Three Beauties
Mamas and Babies

Carly and HG riding a camel!

This was a highlight (for me anyway)!

HG is very concerned about things being clean.

She asked, "Is dat camel clean?"
I said,"That is the cleanest camel you will ever ride."

It worked! She didn't smile much, but she did ride him!

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